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I got to the conclusion that the successful delivery of software is all down to care.

If you have developers who care they will write clean code, with unit test and follow TDD approach. The code will be easy to change, enabling the business to make quick decisions against the market so they can beat their competitors.

If you have product owners (or project managers) who care they will try to bring the best features to their products. They will speak to developers and testers and define together the best possible solutions and refine their features in the process.

If you have testers who care they will try to understand the features that are being request to be developed. They will stablish conversations with business people and developers so they will know which tests to write in order to verify the product is working as expected.

If you have operations people who care they will enable their systems for easy deployments. They will talk with developers and give them the power to easily change their code in production while giving technical advise.

In general, if you have people who care they will try to do their best while looking for ways to improve.

If you are one of that many companies struggling with your software delivery my advise is simple: hire people who care! That would be the first step, after that everything will come together slowly.


5 thoughts on “Care

  1. But Asier, why should I care ? It is just a job, and there are more important things in life ^_^.

    Maybe you should be asking touself, why do some care, and some other don’t ? And ultimately, what can you do about it?

  2. I would say that people tend to care about things that like, that enjoy doing as a job, basically that are passionate about. If you are not passionate you won’t care and maybe you should find a different job which makes you passionate.. You don’t want be doing something that you don’t enjoy 5 days a week 8 hours a day for the rest of your life, do you? 🙂

  3. The big problem in our industry is that caring is not rewarded. Look all those job specs, specially the ones for contracting. Do they look for people who care or for people who are “experienced” in X years of technical thingy??
    How many companies really give preference to “passion” when looking for developers? Not many I am afraid..
    Maybe that’s what need to be changed..

  4. wow, great post! you wrote the same I was thinking of. Two weeks ago I was asked by the top manager “Why they treat that like just a job? Why don’t they care?” My answer was that we are not hiring people who care. We have a lot of “must have” requirements to the candidates, but we are not hiring people who have passion. We care much more about the salary and their diplomas.
    On the other hand – company should provide something to passionate people) We can’t just go and hire 50 people who care) Why they should join us? Every manager dreams about employees who come and solve all the issues, work day and night, are self motivated, etc. But lets be honest – we are not interesting for those people 🙂 So with requirements to the candidates should come changes in the company. Sometimes I think that it would be enough if the company just stop killing your passion 🙂

  5. Honestly, I don’t quite agree with the premise. There are many OpenSource projects out there where people do care – after all, they spend hours, days, weeks, months of their free time working on them… And still the code can be ugly as hell.

    And anyway, it’s probably hard to find people who care for an existing product. Too many factory that you cannot really influence… If you create business software X, it will be really hard to find people who REALLY do care, simply because the only thing connecting them to it is their salary. Creating a better environment may help, but I doubt that caring can somehow be ensured.

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